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octubre 20, 2014

The number of millionaires in Spain is growing at 24% per year (2)

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The number of millionaires in Spain is growing at 24% per year  (2)

The number of millionaires in Spain reached 465.000 people in the middle of this year,  in 24% more compared with 2013 year, according to a recent  “World wealth report 2014″, published by the International Organization of Credit Suisse.

The Credit Suisse’s data show that this year the number of millionaires in the world has doubled compared to last year, when the increase was in 13%, and also points out that in the most affluent segment of the world ranking, that is, with a fortune of more than 50 millions of dollars (about 39 million euros), are 1,766 Spaniards, that is, only 0.4% of the total number of “super-rich”. Thus, the number of millionaires in Spain (with a fortune of more than a million dollars or 740,000 euros) increased by 89,000 people in 2014.

However, Spain is the tenth country in the world, where it was registered a further increase in the number of millionaires in absolute terms, following just behind China with an increase of 90,000 people, while the United States once again headed the list with an increase of 1.62 million millionaires to 14,160,000 people, followed by the UK, where the number of millionaires grew by 478,000 people, to 2,040,000 millionaires.

Nevertheless, Spain is the second country in which it was registered the largest increase in the number of people with assets of at least a million dollars, surpassed only by the increase by 30% in the UK and ahead of France and the United States, with a growth of 14% and 13%, respectively.

With regard to the welfare of households in Spain, according to the data obtained till the middle of 2014, an increase was of 15%, which is above the European average, where improvement was by 10.6%. In addition, according to the study, this is due to the revaluation of the stock markets and the high appreciation of the euro. And the average adult wealth in Spain is about 106.000 euros; when in the European Union average, this figure is 114,935 euros, while the world average stood at 44,000 euros.


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